Thursday, 19 September 2013

Oracle APEX - Customizing the feedback page

Feedback is the process of gathering real-time comments from end users. To help facilitate this Oracle introduced a new page type in version 4 called 'Feedback'. All the feedback generated for your application gets fed into the Team Development section inside APEX. Once you have added the page to your application you can then gather the comments from your users and review it in the Team Development section. If you run the Sample Application you can see it being used as follows:

If you don't see the 'Feedback' link then it means you haven't enabled feedback for this application. To do this click on the 'Administration' navigation bar entry and select 'Feedback' from the options. Now enable feedback. You should now see the 'Feedback' link appear as in the above screenshot.

When you run the page you will see it is pre-populated with the application's id and name and also the page number and name. It also has a text area to hold the actual feedback and a simple select list for the user to link their comments with the appropriate feedback type.  When the user clicks on the 'Submit Feedback' page a process runs that adds the feedback into the APEX_TEAM_FEEDBACK view.  If you look at the source code in the process then you will see it is calling of one the inbuilt APEX APIS apex_util

The documentation for the apex_util.submit_feedback procedure tells you we can add up to 8 custom items to our page to allow our users more options when giving their feedback.

So let's give it a go! First of all I'm going to add another page item to my feedback page called P102_PRIORITY. The aim of this item is to allow the user to designate the priority level for their feedback. To do this I'm going to make the item a select list based on the following static list:

When we run the page it now looks like this:

The next step is to make sure the feedback is written into the APEX_TEAM_FEEDBACK view. To do this we need to add our new page item and it's label to the 'Submit Feedback' process as follows:

To test this run your application and submit some feedback as follows:

Once the feedback has been submitted you can review it in Team Development and you will see the Priority attribute has been added to the report:

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