Saturday, 4 February 2012

Oracle APEX 4.1 - Using the ROWID

One of the new features in APEX 4.1 is the use of ROWID for updates, inserts and deletes as an alternative to specifying primary keys. Previously you could only specific two primary key columns. That meant that if your table had more than two key columns then you could not use the default DML processes and had to manually write your own processes. The use of the ROWID is now the default method for any new DML processes generated.

In 4.1 when you create a form and get to the part of the wizard where in the past you would have chosen the primary key - you can now use the ROWID pseudo column to identify rows by selecting  the first option (which is also the default) - "Managed by Database (ROWID)". You can of course select the primary key column(s) defined for your table as they still support up to two columns in the primary key.  However for tables using primary keys with more than two columns, the ROWID option should be used.

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