Saturday, 10 August 2013

Oracle APEX 4.2 - Page Zero / Global Page

In Oracle APEX 4.1 and before we had something called Page Zero. In APEX 4.2 these are now known as Global Pages. In any application, you can create a global page - and you can now add a separate one for each user interface. A Global Page is a special page. Unlike all other pages it has no processes, validations or branches. It functions as a master page in that APEX renders all the components you add to this page onto every page within your application. And just like virtually all the other parts in your application you can define your own conditions on the page and its components.  So you can now create a region once and it will display on as many pages in your application as you want rather than you having to create it on every page.

Its uses?  
A Global Page is useful for:
  • Conditional items 
  • Commonly Used Regions
  • Lists
  • Items which will nearly always be displayed
  • Breadcrumb menus
Be careful not to confuse this page type with page templates. Page templates will always display static content where as a global page can conditionally display dynamic content.

How to create one 

Create a new page and select the last option entitled "Global Page". Allocate a page number, by default it will be 0, and finally click on the "Finish" button to create the page. If you now look at the page definition you will see it doesn't have all the sections a "normal" page has.First of all there is no Page Processing section - notice the big gap where it normally is. And if you look at the "Page Rendering" section in a bit more detail you will see there are no processes - only computations and dynamic actions.

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