Friday, 3 February 2012

Oracle APEX 4.1 - Instant Application

One of many nice features that came in APEX version 4.1 was the ability to create an application without having to go through the pages in the wizard. You now have the option of creating an "Instant Application". 

Start by going to your "Application Builder" home page and click on the button. Make sure the application type select is "Database". Next click on the link under the two icons entitled "Instant Application"


Change the application id, name and parsing id if you want and click on "Create" - done!


You will then see it has created a two page application 


It picked up by default the language, tabs, authentication scheme and theme it used to create the application. If you go back to the "Application Builder" home page and select the link "Application Builder Defaults" from the "Tasks" list you can change these default values - just as you could in previous releases. 


Remember these defaults apply to the whole workspace and not to an individual user.

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