Thursday, 2 February 2012

Installing APEX 4.1 to run on Oracle 11g EE Release 2

Oracle 11g EE Release 2 comes with Application Express 3.2. Here is a step by step guide for installing the database and upgrading to APEX 4.1

First of all download the software
Step 1
Download Oracle 11g EE Release 2 from here

Step 2
Download APEX 4.1 from here

Next install the database
Step 3
When you download the database you get two zipped files - win32_11gR2_database_1of2

When running the installation if you haven’t unzipped the files correctly then you may run into error messages to do with missing files. To avoid these create a folder called “Oracle11g” and inside it a subfolder called “Oracle”. You should now have something like this:   c:\Oracle11g\Oracle

Now unzip file “win32_11gR2_database_1of2”. After unzipping open this folder.
Now copy all the contents under this folder and paste into Oracle sub folder. So you end up with this: c:\Oracle11g \Oracle\database

Now unzip file “win32_11gR2_database_2of2”. After unzipping open the folder and go to the folder \database\stage\components. Copy this entire folder into c:\Oracle11g\Oracle\database\stage\Components. Now you have got your complete Oracle Database 11g EE R2 software in a single file.

Step 4
Double click on the setup.exe file from the c:\Oracle11g \Oracle\database folder and follow the instructions off the Oracle Installer

Finally install Application Express 4.1
Step 5
Create a new folder called “apex” so you get in the folder c:\Oracle11g\Oracle and Unzip the APEX software (download in Step 2) into a new folder called “apex” ie c:\apex

Step 6
Open up a DOS window and cd to where the apex software is stored eg

c:\Users\RowanTraining>cd  c:\apex

Log into SQL*Plus as sys - replace the word password  below with the password you created when you ran the setup.exe :

c:\apex>sqlplus sys/password as sysdba

NB if you have problems accessing sqlplus you may need to set the environment variables in the DOS session as follows – change the path in the ORACLE_HOME to match the path from your installation:
set ORACLE_HOME = c:\oracle\app\oracle\product\11.2.0\dbhome_1
set ORACLE_SID = orcl

Step 7
Once you have connected to SQL*Plus create a tablespace to hold your APEX data:

'C:\app\Helen\oradata\orcl\APEX_DATA.DBF' SIZE 5000M

Step 8
Next run the script to start the installation of APEX:


Step 9
Set the images directory

c:\apex> sqlplus system/password as sysdba
SQL> @apxldimg.sql c:\

Step 10
Set the admin user’s password and XDB HTTP port

c:\apex> sqlplus system/password as sysdba

When prompted type the password you wish to use for the admin user and press enter. Next you will be asked to enter a port number for the XDB HTTP port. Type in the port number – 8080 or you can change it to another unused number if you would prefer.

Your upgrade should now be complete.
To test it open up a browser and type the following URL:

Enter the following values replacing password with the one you created at Step 10 above
Workspace: Internal
Username: Admin
Password: password

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