Saturday, 10 August 2013

Getting started with Oracle APEX

Before any applications can be created using Application Express (APEX) something called a Workspace needs creating.A workspace is an area where multiple APEX applications can be developed based on data from database schemas linked to the workspace. Each workspace can have users created who will share access to the applications developed within that workspace.
Following an installation of APEX, one workspace is automatically created with one workspace administrator user called “ADMIN”.  The default administration workspace is named “INTERNAL”. It is through this workspace that other workspaces are created. Depending on your configuration there are normally two methods of accessing the Administration environment. 

or if using the Embedded PL/SQL Gateway


Regardless which url you use you should get to this screen:

Once logged in click on the   button and follow the wizard. First of all give the workspace a name - I'm going to call mine rowantraining. Next we need to decide which database schema to link it to - here I've select a pre-existing schema called ROWAN. This means that applications using data from the ROWAN schema can be created in this workspace. We can associate other database schemas once the workspace has been created to allow us to access other data from different schemas.

It is worth remembering that the user you are currently logged into APEX with ie the admin user has some very powerful database privileges associated with it including CREATE TABLESPACE. If you don't set "Re-use existing schema?" to "Yes" then when you create the workspace a new tablespace and datafile is also created.

Specify a username and password for the new workspace. I'm using training_admin for both. You will also need to enter an email address - if you system is set up to send emails then the user will receive an email with the relevant connection information in it automatically.

Check that you have entered in all the information correctly:

Finally click on the button.

Log out of the administrator's application and using one of the following URLS access the rowantraining workspace you have just created.


or if using the Embedded PL/SQL Gateway


As this will be the first time you have accessed this workspace you will need to change your password. Once you have done that log in again and you will see a screen like this:

Your workspace is now ready for you to create your own applications. I'll be posting further blogs over the next few weeks that will take you through the process. 

If you can't wait until then my company offers training courses in Oracle Application Express aimed at the very beginner right through to the more advanced user - please contact me for further information or check our website's training offerings here. Remember all our courses can be adapted to meet your needs.

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